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Honda recalls 900,000 Odyssey minivans after dozens of reported injuries

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Honda is recalling 900,000 Odyssey minivans after receiving 46 reports of injuries related to a problem that causes second-row seats to fall forward.

The company announced the recall Saturday, November 18th, which includes models from 2011 to 2017.

800,000 of the affected minivans were sold in the U.S.

Honda is offering instructions on its website on how to correctly latch the seats to correct the safety issue. The company released a statement reading, in part, “If a second row seat is not properly latched after adjusting it side-to-side or reinstalling a removed seat, the seat may tip forward during moderate to heavy breaking, increasing the injury to an occupant. This issue will not occur if a seat is properly latched.”

Honda recommends Odyssey owners take their vans to a dealership immediately, where they will be fixed for free.

The Festival of Trees Parade 25th anniversary

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The rain and cold didn't stop people from watching the Festival of Trees Parade.

People brought out their umbrellas and gloves to line the streets.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the largest helium balloon parade in the Midwest.

The parade wound through downtown Davenport. It featured several new character balloons this year, like Santa Elmo and Papa Smurf.

Volunteers go door to door installing free mailboxes in Moline Neighborhood

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MOLINE, Illinois-- Volunteers braved through the cold and rainy conditions to help revitalize the Floriciente neighborhood.

They went door to door installing free mailboxes. Their goal was to install at least 70 on Saturday morning.

The Floriciente Association received a grant through a partnership with an international development group called Global Communities.

Board member of the Floriciente Association, Mary Ann Garcia, says they decided to install the mailboxes after realizing many homes had mailboxes in poor condition or none at all.

"We decided that this would be a good way of helping the community." says Garcia.

Each mailbox also has a yellow sticker that represents a flower and the letter 'f' for Floriciente.

"We want people to come into our area and to recognize this as Floriciente neighborhood," says Garcia.

For sign up questions contact the Floriciente Association or Global Communities.


Friends of India Association holds Grand Diwali Celebration

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BETTENDORF, Iowa -- A Grand Celebration was put on by the Friends of India Association of the Quad Cities.

On Saturday, November 18th the organization invited members, their families, and the public to join them for a Diwali Function at Bettendorf High School.

The event was held to celebrate the customs and togetherness of the Friends of India Association and included a dinner and stage performances like a fashion show, dances, songs, skits and more.

The president of the organization, Nitin Vishwakarma, said that 800 to 900 people were expected to join in the fun at the celebration.

The celebration is the association's biggest event of the year. Performances will last from 6:30 p.m. through 9 p.m.

Click here to learn more about the Friends of India Association

Trump reinstates ban on trophy hunting, for now

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WASHINGTON, D.C.– President Donald Trump has reinstated a ban on trophy hunting amid public uproar. But that decision is not final.

Last night, amid growing pressure from conservationists, celebrities, and even some conservatives , President Trump sent out this tweet: reversing his earlier announcement:

Put big game trophy decision on hold until such time as I review all conservation facts. Under study for years. Will update soon with Secretary Zinke. Thank you!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 18, 2017

In 2014, the Obama administration implemented a ban on elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Elephant tusks are a prized trophy for big game hunters, and the import ban was meant to protect the endangered animals.

On November 16th, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced it was lifting the ban. Hunting groups applauded the move, but animal rights groups quickly condemned it.

On November 17th, President Trump tweeted his is reversing that decision, for now. But the federal agency responsible for the ban still has on its website that it will issue permits for trophy hunting.

In response, the Humane Society tweeted a video of an elephant with the caption, “I belong in the wild, not on a wall.”

RT & sign the petition if you think we should stop the killing of elephants for trophies! #SaveTheElephants

— Humane Society (@HumaneSociety) November 17, 2017

They’ve launched a petition, which celebrities like Ellen Degeneres have signed, to keep the trophy hunting ban in tact.

President Trump has not given a timeline on when he’ll announce his final decision on the fate of the trophy ban.

Bundle up for a cold night! It will feel like the teens by Sunday morning

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Cloud cover is clearing out this evening, and it’s going to be downright cold Saturday night! While actual temperatures will be falling into the low 20s, winds from the northwest will easily make it feel like the teens.

Sunshine will be back for Sunday, but by no means will it warm us up much. We’ll only reach the upper 30s for daytime highs.

However, warmer weather arrives on Monday as we climb up into the mid 50s! It will be breezy and sunny as well.

We’ll remain sunny from Tuesday through Thanksgiving, but the cooler air will be back! Temperatures will fall into the low 40s on Tuesday, and we’ll drop into the mid 30s by Wednesday. Expect highs in the low 40s for our Thanksgiving holiday under a partly cloudy sky.

Meteorologist Taylor Graham

East Moline man faces murder charges after Friday night shooting

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois — An East Moline man faces murder charges after a 69-year-old was shot and killed.

East Moline Police were called to the 200 block of 19th Street, not far from Sullivan-Ellis Mortuary, around 9:30 p.m. on Friday, November 17th.

Officers found a 69-year-old man who had been shot in the chest. He was taken to the hospital, where he died from his injuries.

Police searched the area and found 23-year-old Roman Knox nearby in the 100 block of 21st Street. Knox was arrested, and he is being held in the Rock Island County Jail on charges of First Degree Murder.

Knox’s bail was set at $5 million.

Investigators said Knox knew the victim and believe the shooting stemmed from an earlier argument.

Anyone with additional information is asked to call East Moline Police at 309-752-1545 or Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500.

Nyrel Sullivan making the grade on and off the football field

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Nyrel Sullivan transferred from Dixon to Sterling before his junior.  When he got to Sterling he was a good student but had plenty of room to improve.  Jason Austin, Principal at Sterling, sat down with Nyrel to help him get his grades up so he could live out his dream of playing college football.

Jason and Nyrel meet 3-4 times each week to discus his grades and what he needs to excel in the classroom.  Nyrel has improved his GPA and is on the right track to being able to play at the next level.

Heavy police presence in East Moline

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EAST MOLINE, Illinois — There is a heavy police presence in the area of 19th St. and 3rd Ave in East Moline.

WQAD’s Elizabeth Wadas is on scene and reporting that a neighbor did hear a gunshot.

Police have not confirmed anything but they have said that the area of 19th St. and 3rd Ave. is secure. Police also say they are currently investigating a second unknown location that is connected to the 19th St. scene.

This is a developing story.

Wesley United Methodist Church reopens sanctuary months after EF2 tornado

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MUSCATINE, Iowa - Putting on the finishing touches before the pews are filled Sunday with people of faith.

"We're incredibly excited, I know personally I'm a little nervous as well, it will be our first Sunday back in and we can't wait to show everyone what the space is," said Katie Roquet, Director of Media Ministries.

In March of 2017, this sanctuary at Wesley United Methodist Church looked a lot different.

An E-F 2 tornado tore off a big part of the roof, took out the chimney and destroyed the church organ.

"This past eight months, we've really seen our congregations grow together and through this process and really make the community of Wesley stronger," said Roquet.

The church has expanded the chapel, put in brand new carpeting and restored wood work that was done with pieces of wood from things destroyed in the tornado.

"We really tried to keep the integrity of the building and the historical value while at the same time bringing in some a few modern touches," said Roquet.

Insurance covered most of the cost but the church was able to raise $500,000 to help with repairs.

"When we started, we were on the apprehension of, can we do this, is this too much and we have seen the community and our congregation just step up," said Roquet.

Despite all of the changes one thing in the sanctuary never changed.

"That cross has been here this entire time, it survived the tornado, it survived the organ coming crashing down around it, it stayed there through the whole construction," said Roquet.

A symbol of faith, that the doors to this church would reopen, "I think we're gonna have a lot of different emotions happening on sunday," said Roquet.

One thing is still missing and that's the organ. Church leaders are working on getting a new one but that process could take three to four years.

Family feud ends with two stabbing victims in Davenport

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- A family fight turned violent on Friday night, November 17, when a knife was pulled on two family members.

Officials say the fight took place between three men, all who lived in the same house on Wilkes Ave. in Davenport. Two of the men suffered stab wounds, one with moderate to severe, non-life threatening injuries and one with moderate injuries.

One man was arrested after being tackled and held outside of the residence, police say. He was charged with willful injury, going armed with intent, and domestic assault with a weapon.


QC Mallards game postponed after opposing head coach suffers medical emergency

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MOLINE, Illinois -- The Quad City Mallards game on Friday night, November 17, was postponed due to a medical emergency with the Tulsa Oilers' head coach Rob Murray.

Murray, who has been the Oilers' coach since June of this year, was being tended to by medical staff before being transported to the hospital via ambulance, according to the Tulsa Oilers' twitter account.

Oilers Vice President of Communications John Peterson tweeted that he was in the ambulance with Murray, who was alert and communicating but added that "prayers are needed."

Murray, 50, was drafted in the 3rd round by the Washington Capitals at the 1985 NHL draft, spending 16 years in the league. He was inducted into the American Hockey League's Hall of Fame in January 2017.


Father finds man in teen girl’s closet with her underwear and pictures, police say

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PHOENIX – A Phoenix father came home to find a man inside his daughter’s closet with the girl’s underwear and pictures, according to KTVK.

Police arrested Michael Zabalza Ruelas, of Glendale, who is facing one count of second-degree burglary.

Police said on Thursday, Nov. 9, the family arrived home when they noticed their dog was barking at the closet.

The father went to investigate and found Ruelas inside with photos of his 16-year-old daughter, her underwear and lotion, police said.

The father then threatened to hit Ruelas with a crowbar and he took off out of the house, court documents said. He then drove away and the mother was able to get his license plate number, police said.

Officers later spotted the suspect driving by the house and he was pulled over.

After being arrested, police said Ruelas admitted to getting into the house through a window and “collected panties from different laundry baskets inside the house.”

Ruelas said he took some of the underwear with him when he left the house, and the clothing items were inside the car when he was pulled over, according to police.

He made his first court appearance and bond was set at $3,500.

He’s had several run-ins with the law, including DUI, false reporting and failure to appear for a driving on a suspended license charge.

Forget Pizza Rat, meet Brooklyn’s Avocado Rat

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NEW YORK CITY, N.Y. — Pizza Rat may be fitting for New York City as a whole, but Brooklyn has its own rat that’s just as fitting: Avocado Rat.

The rat was captured on camera dragging an avocado half – no pit – down the subway tracks at Greenpoint Avenue, according to WPIX.

“Even the rats in #nyc are on trend,” wrote Jessica Edwards, the woman who spotted Avocado Rat. “Hope he finds some toast.”

Brooklyn is home to an avocado restaurant, so the rodent may be in luck. Avocado Rat doesn’t have the degree of viral fame Pizza Rat had. The video was posted Tuesday. Edwards spotted the rat from a G train platform around 1:30 p.m.

New York fell in love with Pizza Rat back in 2015 when a rat dragged a slice of pizza down subway stairs at the First Avenue subway station. Pizza Rat trended on Facebook and Twitter just three hours after comedian Matt Little posted the video to Youtube.

You have to pay nearly $1 million just to view these apartments

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(CNN Money) — At one Hong Kong apartment complex, it will cost you close to $1 million to just get your foot in the door.

Real estate agents in the city are asking potential buyers to stump up 7 million Hong Kong dollars ($900,000) to view a new batch of luxury condos, the latest example of the dizzying rise in prices in the world’s most expensive property market.

The new complex offers sweeping views of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor and is located near the city’s central business district. It was built by Sun Hung Kai Properties, Hong Kong’s biggest property developer.

Real estate brokers told CNNMoney that the huge deposit (which is refundable) applies to 10 luxury apartments in the complex that are set to go under the hammer.

“This is an indication of how hot the market is here in Hong Kong,” said Paul Zimmerman, director of think thank Civic Exchange and a district council member in the city. Prices have been fueled by years of low interest rates and money flowing in from mainland China, he said.

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Prospective buyers for the luxury condos at the new complex, which is named Victoria Harbor, are expected to have deep pockets.

They have to be willing to buy at least two units and cough up the eye-watering deposit just for a 90-minute viewing session. Even then, they don’t get to set foot in the actual apartments but have to make do with a mockup in a different part of the city.

What’s more, paying the deposit doesn’t guarantee they will actually get the apartments, as they then have to bid against other potential buyers.

The brokers declined to give estimates for how much the condos, which range from 1,200 to 1,600 square feet, are likely to sell for. But similar sized units in the same neighborhood sold this month for as much as 66 million Hong Kong dollars ($8.5 million), according to data from real estate agent Centaline.

A spokesperson for Sun Hung Kai said the viewing arrangement was “not uncommon” for high-end properties in the city, calling the apartments “rare and of high quality.”

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Stratospheric real estate prices are nothing new in Hong Kong. The city’s housing was named the world’s priciest housing market for the seventh year running in the latest annual study by public policy firm Demographia.

Home prices have soared by around 170% since the dark days of the global financial crisis in 2009, according to Centaline data.

But many inhabitants have been left out of the property boom in Hong Kong, which is known for its high levels of inequality. About 20% of Hong Kongers live in poverty, according to official statistics.

Meet the 10-year-old boy who’s built 250 wooden cars for kids in need

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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana— A 10-year-old boy has taken it upon himself to make the holidays a little happier for kids in need.

It all started with a $20 bill that Zander Hite got back in February. It was a gift from his Grandpa Darl, and it came with a message: "make a difference."

That's exactly what Zander's doing.

“You’d be surprised what some people can come up with with just $20,” Darl said.

Zander used the $20 to buy two slabs of wood to build toy cars. His grandpa taught him how in his garage.

“I played with them when I was little,” he said. “And I thought they were fun to play with.”

At first he built just one. Now, the 10-year-old is hooked. “It turned out to be really fun. And now I keep on making more,” Zander said.

With just five weeks until Christmas, Grandpa's garage looks more like Santa's workshop. Zander's spent the past nine months building cars and trucks: 250 wooden toys in all.

He and his grandpa will donate the toys to a local "holiday toy drive," to help make Christmas a little bright for 250 kids.

Zander loves his new hobby so much he joined Central Indiana Woodworkers club, where his grandfather has belonged for years.

“At the wood club I’m the youngest kid there,” Zander said.

The organization gave him the wooden wheels for the cars and the engine to deliver these toys to kids in need. The Central Indiana Woodworkers donate thousands of cars and trucks every year, but never ones built by a ten-year-old.

Through the group, Zander and his grandpa have carved out lifelong memories.

“We laugh a lot. We have fun. I like spending time with him,” said Zander about the months he spent with grandpa.

When asked "what's next?" Zander says he's waiting to see how much money his grandpa will give him next February.


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