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Local kids find a new love for chemistry

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DAVENPORT, Iowa-- St. Ambrose University is celebrating National Chemistry Week by inviting in local first through fifth graders for a chemistry camp. Dozens of kids showed up to get a hands on experience including seven-year-old, Evyn Hunter.

   Evyn and her new friends watch in amazement as Ambrose students walk them through different labs. Learning more about chemistry working with light, and mixing different chemicals with the help of the chemistry club.

    “Chemistry gets a reputation for being challenging and so I think people sometimes get scared away by that so we're hoping to kinda balance that by seeing some of the fun things you can do with it,” said Kelly Gidden. Gidden is the chemistry department chair at St. Ambrose.

     The kids could see first hand how different chemicals create different reactions. Professors and students hope to spark an interest for chemistry in the younger generations.

    “It's something eventful to show younger kids that chemistry is fun it's not just one thing that it's a broad range of topics,” said Amanda Crocker. Crocker is the President of the chemistry club and says starting young is beneficial to their future.

    The idea not only worked for Evyn, but the whole class,  as chemicals bubbled while Ambrose students demonstrated some of their favorite skills.

    “When the elephant happened I went 'weeeee' I wanna do that,” said Evyn.

    “I'm used to teaching college students but for me personally it's always fun to see little kids and how excited they get over just simple things, things that I might often take for granted but for them is very exciting,” said Kelly.

    Hoping to create a positive reaction in the future scientists of the world.

National Chemistry Week surrounds Mole Day on October 23.

Whitey’s Chipper ice-cream sandwich takes first at the National Dairy Expo

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MADISON, Wisconsin--Now there's proof that the Quad Cities favorite, Whitey's Ice Cream, can stand up to any ice cream shop in the nation, especially when it comes to ice cream sandwiches.

This weekend, the Chipper took first place at the World Dairy Expo in the ice cream sandwich category in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Chipper is an ice cream sandwich, a heaping scoop of Whitey's ice cream smashed between two homemade cookies.

Right now, they come in three flavors. The original is chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chip ice cream. There's a Mint Chipper, with mint chocolate chip ice cream between two chocolate cookies, and then there's the fall favorite, the Harvest Chipper, two spice cookies with pumpkin ice cream.

Whitey's employees say their sandwich sticks out because each one is unique.

"It`s a pretty big deal when you are in the dairy industry. It`s not something everyone here is about, but obviously for ice cream makers, we tend to take it pretty seriously, and it`s pretty exciting," says Whitey's Director of Marketing Annika Tunberg.

The Chipper received a score of 99.99% in the category, landing them a nearly perfect score.

Iowa gubernatorial candidates say education will be key issue for voters

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DAVENPORT, Iowa  --   Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and her opponent, Democratic nominee Fred Hubbell, were campaigning in the Quad Cities Sunday, October 21, 2018, after their third and final debate before elections on November 6, 2018.

Both candidates spoke on their plans for education for schools in the Quad Cities.

"We have to put more funding in education," Democratic Iowa State Senator Rita Hart said. "If we are going to return our status to number one in the country, then we have to put our priorities where they belong."

"We just need people," Republican Governor Kim Reynolds said. "Opportunities for Iowans in the Quad Cities, we want to work with them and help them get the skills to match them up with a great job."

Governor Reynolds said she is proud of the education system Iowa currently has, especially for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Reynolds also said the success of education should not only be judged based on how much money each school gets from the state, but by how prepared Iowa students are to enter the workforce.

Democratic nominee Fred Hubbell and his running mate Rita Hart disagree and said that Iowa students, especially in the Quad Cities, are underfunded. Hart said if the democrats are elected, they will work with teachers and administrators to get more state dollars for students and teachers in Iowa on the state level.

Iowa has 1.9 million active voters. That includes 710,000 declaring no party. 644,000 registered as republicans. 620,000 are registered as democrats, and there are 11,800 libertarians.

Click here for information on early voting polling places in Scott County.

Rock Island church looks to rebuild after roof caves in

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ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Usually church members spend their Sunday in the pews praying at the Quad City New Life Kingdom Ministries.

But this Sunday was different.

“I was really disappointed because Sundays I really look forward to going to church.  It was kind of heartbreaking actually,” says member Jeannette Johnson.

Heartbreaking after Pastor Daniel Teague decided to cancel the usual Sunday service.

Church was called off after Pastor Danny saw his roof had caved in.

“I came into the church and walked up the aisle and had seen the stuff on the floor.  And you can’t see because of the banner, but I got to the other side of the banner and I see the hole in the roof,” Teague describes.

Water damage destroyed the roof of this 100-year-old church, causing the entire thing to cave in.

“The water came in and running down the walls.  So, some drywall and stuff fell through up there,” recalls Teague. “So, we are in the process of patching that up.”

It’s been about 25 years since the roof has been done.  Now, the patches aren’t holding, which is forcing them to install an entire new roof.

“It’s just a matter of getting money together – maybe use our 501c3 – so we can see what we can do to get a roof and some soffits and all that good stuff up there,” says Teague.

Funding isn’t the only concern.  With the colder months quickly approaching they are praying the roof will make it through the winter.

For the congregation, this Sunday is dedicated to rebuilding, so they can keep on worshipping for many years to come.

“We are going to recover, God id good God is able,” says Johnson.

The cost for the new roof totals $17,000.  The church plans on holding fundraisers throughout the year to raise money.

They hope to have a new roof by next spring.

Sportscast October 20th, 2018

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Augustana and St. Ambrose football both have home loses.  Iowa and Illinois high School Football pairings are announced.  1A Cross Country Runners take to the course in Rock Falls.  Sterling Newman's Karlie Hay and Spencer Mauch were the individual champions.  Midwest Technical Institute Score Standouts.  QC Storm drop the puck on their inaugural season.

MTI Score Standouts

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Vote for this weeks Midwest technical Institute Score Standouts.

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Illinois Football Playoffs

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Illinois Football Playoff Pairing.  Game times are to be determined.


Aurora Christian (6-3) vs Annawan-Wethersfield (6-3)

Dakota (6-3) vs Stockton (7-2)

Fulton (5-4) vs Milledgeville (9-0) 1pm Saturday


Knoxville (6-3) vs Hope Academy (7-2)

Mercer County (5-4) vs Illini West (9-0)

Rockford Christian (6-3) vs Sterling Newman (8-1)

Fieldcrest (5-4) vs Orion (9-0)

Rockridge (6-3) vs Clifton central (7-2) 2pm Saturday


Alleman (5-4) vs Byron (9-0)

Elmwood-Brimfield (6-3) vs Princeton (6-3)

Mid-County (6-3) vs North Boone (7-2)

Spring Valley Hall (6-3) vs Clark (6-3)

Willimington (6-3) vs Monmouth-Roseville (7-2) 5pm Saturday


Phoenix Coop (5-4) vs Sterling (8-1)


Rock Island (5-4) vs Richards (9-0) 7pm Friday


Glenbrook North (7-2) vs Moline (8-1)

Over 70 witches take over Rock Island campground to support female empowerment

WQAD News -

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois  --  Over 70 women went camping at the KOA Campground in Rock Island, Illinois this weekend, October 20,2018, to encourage female empowerment.  The women are apart of the largest women's organization in the country with a focus on outdoor activities, Sisters on the Fly.

"Women are learning how to fish," Sisters on the Fly member Pam Fisher said. "They learn how to horse back ride, how to camp, how to pull a trailer. It's all about women empowerment, with adventures and fun along the way."

The organization has 13,000 members across the country, with over 100 in Illinois and Iowa. The women celebrated their "I love fall camping" event by dressing up as "witchy women" and celebrating Halloween. They decorated their vintage campers and trick or treated around the campsite.

"it'a just fun because we`re wild and crazy and we just do whatever the heck we want," Fisher said. Fisher said you don't have to enjoy camping or fishing to join the organization. She says it's all about being independent.

"A lot of these gals haven't been able to be independent," Fisher said. "It's really neat to watch them grow and get confident."

Click here to learn more about joining the sisterhood.

Local farmers harvest crops of late fellow farmer to honor his life

WQAD News -

MILAN, Illinois - These fields have felt pretty empty lately.

"We've lost a farmer, a friend, a father, a son," says local farmer Ben Keller.

Empty during a time of year where farmer Christopher Rudsell would typically be harvesting.

44 year-old Farmer Rudsell lost his life to terminal cancer just months ago, leaving behind a wife and two daughters. Now, instead of local farmers harvesting their own crops, they've decided to come out and harvest what was once Farmer Chris' soybeans.

"We got together with a lot of local farmers, there five combines, nine trucks, and about 20 guys and gals," Keller reports. "So we just wanted to help out and see what we can do for the family."

So, these farmers decided to gather crops and remember a life-long friend.

Keller had the idea to put a picture of Chris on the window of each tractor and truck.  Now, as this farming family pushes forward the one member gone will stay with them in the fields.

"The farming community is just like a real family," says Dave Peterson, Chris' father-in-law.

And although Chris is now gone.  The fields will forever be full of him.



Honoring ten years of Kid Captains at Hawkeye Game

WQAD News -

IOWA CITY, Iowa-- Thousands of people filled the stands at Kinnick Stadium as the Hawkeyes took on Maryland for homecoming.

 The real MVP's tonight weren't the playmakers but the people filling section 103 in the stands. Each seat was packed with past kid captains and their families from the last ten years, ready to be honored during the halftime show.

"It feels good, it's still as crazy as it was two years ago being out here with all of them is still special to me," said Parker Kress.

At every Hawkeye game, a patient at the University of Iowa's Children's Hospital is picked to represent the team. 

Two years ago Parker, from Pleasant Valley, was the honorary captain at the Iowa vs Iowa State game after he was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma.

But somehow, being on the field today trumps that experience.

"We're all unique in our own way but we've gone through sort of similar things it's kinda like we're our own little community cause we're all here and we all went to the children's hospital," said Parker.

Parker and his dad were surrounded by 100 other families. Some they knew, others they got to know today.

"People are passing blankets back and forth to each other, sharing food up there and so many of the families you know we saw each other in the hospital for years at a time and so this has been going on for ten years now it's truly remarkable," said Kevin Dumser.

Parker was able to give back in a way he has never done before, by participating in "the wave" along with the thousands of others in the stands and on the field.

"This is my first one so I know what they're going through so I'm glad I could support them because I know it helped me when I knew people were supporting me," said Parker.

"For the university to do something like this to continue to honor these kids and everything they've been through it's hard to put into words just how amazing this is," said Dumser.

The support is easy to see as Parker and the others walk off the field, an experience like nothing else.

"I love Iowa just look at this environment it's amazing," said Parker.

2018 Iowa Football Playoffs

WQAD News -

Round 1 match ups for the first round of the IAHSAA Football Playoffs.  All first round games played Friday, October 26th at 7:00pm.


Pleasant Valley (5-4) vs Bettendorf (8-1)


Waverly-Shell Rock (8-1) vs North Scott (8-1)


Chariton (8-1) vs West Liberty (8-1)


Mediapolis (8-1) vs Bellevue (9-0)

Pella Christian (6-3) vs Wilton (8-1)


Highland, Riverside (7-2) vs Durant (7-2)


New London (8-1) vs Gladbrook-Reinbeck (7-2)

Wind Advisory for Saturday

WQAD News -

A Wind Advisory has been issued for the entire area through Saturday evening.

Sustained winds of 25 to 35 MPH gusting up to 45 MPH will be likely, especially during the afternoon hours. This will make driving high profile vehicles quite difficult at times, especially on north/south roads.

You’ll also want to avoid outdoor burning during this time and secure any loose outdoor objects such as trash cans, or lightweight lawn ornaments that could be easily moved in strong winds.

We will see wind speeds dramatically decrease after 6pm this evening remaining light through the overnight hours. Sunday will also feature much less in the way of wind. These strong winds will also make the upper 40s this afternoon feel more like the upper 30s at times, especially once more clouds move in after the noon hour.

-Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke


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