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Motown memories come alive at Putnam rooftop concert

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DAVENPORT, Iowa — A rooftop concert at the Putnam Museum had to be moved indoors due to the rain but that didnt stop the music and the fun. The 10 of soul band entertained several hundred guests of the Putnam on Saturday. It’s the museum’s third annual free concert, and the second one to be rained out, but everyone still had a good time. Many took to the dance floor right in front of the snack stop. A group of friends who would have been cycling outdoors said the Motown tribute  was the best reason to be inside on a Saturday. Mary Tisue brought her own lawnchair. She said she and her friends were fans of the Putnam as well as of Motown. “The motown sound is a lot of fun, said  lot of memories, and being with friends is always fun whether you’re outside or inside,” said Mary Tisue. Her friend Carol Ward agreed: “We are all sixties children. A bunch of us just came to have a good time today.”

State Track in Iowa and Illinois, Rock Island Soccer Makes History

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Assumption's Carly King wins the 100 and takes second in the 200.  The Lady Knights Sprint Medley Team sets a State Record.

Bettendorf's Darien Porter wins the 200 and finishes second in the 100.  Bulldogs Sprint Medley Team sets an All-Time record.

Calamus-Wheatland brings home first ever state trophy.  The Warriors are third in Class 1A.

Pleasant Valley's Sprint Medley Team finishes second in Class 4A.

Jax Lamm from West Burlington Notre Dame is second in the 100.

Fulton's Chloe Lindeman defends her title in the shot put, Deakota Knott wins the triple jump. Knoxville claims gold in the 4x800 relay. Kiah O'Neal from Alleman is second in high jump, Tori Thomas takes second in Pole Valut.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock makes campaign stop in Davenport for 2020

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DAVENPORT, Iowa – Montana Governor and presidential candidate Steve Bullock made one of his firsts stops of his campaign for 2020 in Davenport at Baked Beer and Bread Company after he declared he was running for president earlier this week.

There are now 25 presidential candidates running against President Trump for the 2020 election.  Many voters in the Quad Cities want to make sure they pick the right one and some are speaking up with questions they want answered.

As the 2020 election draws near, voters have a lot on their minds, and for Sheri Carnahan - family comes first.

“What’s happening to this country is frightening to me,” says Carnahan.

Carnahan’s family is diverse, which is why she made one glaring observation at the campaign stop.

“My concern is everyone in this group was pretty much non-diverse, and he comes from a very homogeneous state,” says Carnahan.

That state is Montana, where democratic presidential candidate Steve Bullock is the governor.

“I’m not saying because of that he wouldn’t be a wonderful leader,” Carnahan comments. “But it was something that I just had to ask.”

“What is your plan to help turn around what is happening in this country?” Carnahan asks Bullock about diversity.

“You do it by funding the programs that need be,” Bullock responds. “You also do it by being more systematic.”

The diversity concern isn’t just in the Quad Cities, it’s seen across the nation.

“That’s how we actually address differing communities with different expectations,” says Bullock. “Knowing that a mother on the south side of Chicago wants the same thing for he child as a mother here in Davenport.”

“Let’s, as elected officials, act like our kids are watching because they are,” Bullock adds.

For now, as the race for 2020 continues, Carnahan is keeping family top of mind.

Diversity was an important issue brought up, but voters also had concerns about gun laws, Medicare, and student debt.

Presidential candidate Representative Beto O’Rourke will be in Davenport Monday to view the flood damage.

More heavy rain likely this week

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A Flash Flood Watch continues for the entire Quad Cities until 10am Sunday morning.

Widespread showers and thunderstorms will continue to lift northward this evening bringing with them gusty winds and heavy rainfall. The severe threat will remain isolated due to the lack of instability. Clouds and widespread showers have limited the amount of storm energy. Any strong storm that can manage to sneak into the region will bring with it small hail and gusty winds. Frequent lightning is also likely as these storms push through.

The greatest concentration of storms will initially be west of the Mississippi River before spreading east overnight.

It has been an extremely wet month so far as we've already surpassed the average amount of precipitation for this time in May. In fact, if you look back at the individual days so far, we've spent nearly three-quarters of those days under the raindrops. That's 13 out of 18 days. Remarkable!

While Sunday will initially start off soggy, some improvement is expected by the late morning and afternoon. The heaviest rains are expected to fall just before 9am followed by more scattered to isolated activity through the afternoon. The best chance for any additional heavy rainfall beyond Sunday morning will lie east of the Mississippi River. A cold front working in through that region will touch off widely scattered showers and storms Sunday afternoon. At this time, no severe weather is expected. Quiet conditions return for Sunday night with cooler temperatures, too! Lows will drop into the 40s by Monday morning.

All area rivers, creeks, and streams continue to be the main focus for next week. This active pattern is only going to take a temporary break before restarting again. Multiple rounds of showers and storms, including heavy rainfall and severe weather, certainly look to repeat again as we get into the second half of the week. Most model guidance gives the Quad Cities an additional one to three inches of rainfall through Friday.

Taking into account that possibility, the folks at the National Weather Service are already predicting another crest on the Mississippi River here in the Quad Cities. The current range calls for a rise next weekend to between 18.5 and 21.0 feet. The previous crest, which set an all-time record, was 22.7 feet. In order for a crest of 21 feet to occur, we would need to be on the high-end of the probability for heavy rainfall into next week. While not yet set in stone, it is certainly something worth watching in the days ahead.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

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‘Stop the Bleed’ training serves to increase survival rates after mass casualty incidents

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DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Uncontrolled bleeding is one of the most common causes of death after a traumatic injury. Incidents where life-threatening bleeding are happening more often say emergency medical professionals.

Chuck Gipson, Quality and Education Manager with Medic EMS in Davenport, said it could be a mass shooting, an industrial accident, a car crash. "It could be simply being at home cutting yourself with a kitchen knife and it may be bleeding severely," he said.

On Saturday, he and several other trainers, as well as doctors and nurses from Genesis, provided this life-saving training for the public for the first time.

Cherry Goetsch from Long Grove was one of the students. She said she saw the class advertised in the paper and thought it might come in handy some day.

"I have a couple of grandkids, you never know what antics they’re gonna get up to. Better to be safe than sorry."

Gipson said it was important to recognize when bleeding is life-threatening and act immediately: "If you call 9-1-1, they come quickly, but there are some things that can be done prior to our arrival that can help save someone’s life."

Medics EMS and Genesis doctors and nurses provided training on applying pressure to a wound, how to use a tourniquet and pack a wound.

Gipson said the hands-on training reinforces what people might already know: "You have to the confidence to do it when the need arises."

Tracking heavy rain and severe storm potential Saturday

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The threat for heavy rainfall, flooding, and severe storms returns to the Quad Cities this weekend.

A Flash Flood WATCH has been issued for the entire Quad Cities until 10am Sunday morning. A round of showers and storms this morning will saturate the ground, even more, allowing additional rainfall from storms this evening to run off into area creeks, streams, and rivers. Rapid rises in those areas along with other low-lying areas will lead to areas of flash flooding by this evening. Remember, never cross a flooded roadway.

A round of non-severe showers and storms is currently working through the Quad Cities this morning. These storms are producing frequent lightning and some gusty winds along with heavy downpours. This line will continue to advance east through 10am. Behind it, some clearing will take place and that will return to us to some sunshine for the afternoon.

It’s that sunshine and temperatures rising into the upper 70s and low 80s that will build enough energy to allow for a few stronger storms by later this afternoon and evening. These storms will be capable of producing large hail up to 1.5″ in diameter and wind gusts up to 60 MPH. Frequent lightning and torrential downpours are also likely. We’ll be tracking the potential for an isolated tornado or two as well with a warm front working north through the region.

The timing for these storms favors the 6pm to 2am range. That’s when a stronger low-level jet will begin working with a boundary nearby to produce widespread showers and storms. The threat for flash flooding will also be increased since our soils are already saturated from rainfall this morning.

We’ll continue to track this threat throughout the day. Watch for more updates right here on, on your mobile device with the StormTrack 8 App, and on the air with News 8 at 6 and 10.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

Download the News 8 Weather App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here

Download the free News 8 App — for iOS, click here and for Android, click here


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